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Into the realm of a different kind of power

I supposed that now not so many people are left who still expect the old ‘power-metalness’ from Kamelot since they released «Ghost Opera», where they confirmed its desire to go more symphonic. It staggered a bit in «The Poetry for the Poisoned», but in 2012, it came back with «Silverthorn». The album might have disappointed those who still have not given up their hope for power-metalness, but with the album Kamelot certainly succeeded in infusing ever-more symphonic elements into its music.

This album is following the path «Silverthorn» has set, with its storming symphonic ambience and the lyrics more sentimental than ever. Then the first song «Fallen Star» might not feel like an opening as dramatic as «Sacrimony», even though it is definitely a song of power. Then the fourth track «Veil of Elysium» comes with some drama to pull the audience. The following song, «Under Grey Skies», shows Kamelot’s well-known ability to make touching ballad songs. «End of Innocence» and «Beautiful Apocalypse» remind of the symphonic songs of «Silverthorn». Especially «End of Innocence» seems to show the way Kamelot wishes to head for, with its dramatic flow of power and sentiment beautifully intertwined. Then «Liar Liar» will be a welcoming song to the fans who miss the old style of Kamelot.

We cannot see many new experiments here. The album is largely a succession of «Silverthorn». However, none of the songs in «Haven» is below average, and this album clearly shows how Kamelot is mastering what they have been pursuing so far—here is where its wish to go more symphonic with all those orchestral sound and the use of choir is entwined with the thread of its old style, and creates a different kind of power and heaviness.

Artist: Kamelot

Album: Haven

Record Label: Napalm Records

Rating: 5/6

Text: Yeonwoo Baik