Foto: Marina Borovaya

Insomnia Club Night

One of the most wanted party of DebutUka 2016 took place at SNN Scenen of Driv last Saturday, August 20th.

Text: Alena Antipina

When it comes to insomnia, students know the point. Either before the harsh exam time, after the session, or before the semester starts – as it was this time – students handle insomnia syndrome quite successfully.

As you could have probably understood already, the name of the party that had gathered almost every student who came to Tromsø, was chosen correctly. Around 22.00 people started forming little groups in Driv Cafe, meeting new classmates and chatting about the upcoming event.

Photo: Marina Borovaya
Photo: Marina Borovaya

You know, it’s never a good decision to come to a party before its actual start, but only then you can feel the audience transformation. At Insomnia dozens of different people turned into some common drive flow.

The actual ’action’ took place at the SNN scenen, where DJ Karima and DJ Charlotte Bendiks started making some ’cosmic set’, that would be the perfect phrase to describe the music there. Hearing the beat near the entrance, young students started moving under the rain, making a ’wet party’ themselves. With the music and unstopping flow of people, the inside area became so violet (literally!) of the mood that started beating the hearts of everyone… Or it might have been the artificial smoke, who knows. In that almost total darkness girls and boys were making tons of selfies, barely seeing each other’s faces. New friends, new memories, you know.

Photo: Marina Borovaya
Photo: Marina Borovaya

At Driv Cafe that moment was full of chilling vibes. It was a good idea indeed to make the music there a bit quieter, so after a shaky dance you could move to other place within one building and relax, chatting with newcomers.

So on and so forth, with all the drunk and funny people, this Insomnia club night was really the most needed and most wanted one this week. Definitely.