Foto: Ellen Sterk

In Angustiis, 02.12.16

Last Friday, the Tromso Byorchestra and the Universitetskoret Mimas rewarded the visitors of the Arctic Cathedral with a wonderful night of classical and neo-romantic music. The choir and the orchestra complemented each other perfectly under the guidance of Urša Lah. The “Missa in Angustiis”, also called the “Nelson Messe”, was presented by the orchestra and the choir, together with the amazing voice of Berit Norbakken as soprano soloist. The Missa was composed by Joseph Haydn in 1798. It is his only one written in minor and creates a gloomy atmosphere but has some jubilant parts with cheerful trumpet sounds as well.

Photo: Ellen Sterk
Photo: Ellen Sterk

The second part of the concert was of newer Swedish origin. Lars Erik Larsson’s lyrical suite “Förklädd Gud”, or “A God Disguised”, was again performed by the town´s orchestra and the university´s choir. Peter Söderman lent his voice to the narrating part of the composition. Being composed and first performed on Swedish radio in 1940, this neo-romantic piece of music covered the Cathedral in a mystic atmosphere last weekend.