How to become addicted without adverse health effects

Artist: The Veils

Album: Total Depravity

Record Label: Nettwerk Records

Rating: 6/6

TEKST: Stefanie Singh

«A young but maturing real artist in the vein of Nick Cave and David Bowie»: That’s how Finn Andrews, frontman of the London-based band The Veils, was once described. A description that is pretty accurate and anything but far-fetched. To describe the musical style of The Veils is a bit more difficult, though. «Indie Rock» or «Alternative Rock» is too simple, at least when referring to their brand new opus «Total Depravity». «Total Depravity» is not a typical indie or alternative album where one song is followed by another; it’s more like a trip. Imagine it’s the weekend and you’re sitting in a dimly lit bar, asking yourself what you’re actually doing here. It’s boring. And then, all of a sudden, the bartender puts on the fifth studio album by The Veils. Maybe you know neither the album nor the band, and before you can ask for those details, you start to lose yourself in the songs. «Oh my soul, losing control», as Finn Andrews is singing in «Axolotl», the opener and first single on the album.

«A Bit On The Side»: Is it just me or would that track also work perfectly as a duet with MØ? While listening to «Low Lays The Devil», one can totally imagine how Josh Homme and his Queens Of The Stone Age would interpret this composition. The same applies to «Here Come The Dead», except that the interpreter here would be The Doors’ Jim Morrison. Overall, here and there, «Total Depravity» is reminiscent of the sound of The Doors: sometimes psychedelic, sometimes melancholic … And then, suddenly, the album ends with the title track. The trip is over, and the only thing you might wish for is the bartender pushes the «repeat» button, as you just became hopelessly addicted.