Foto: Linnea Nordstrom

Heavy Rock Shocks Andenes

Rock mot Rus 2015 had its share of bone-crushing Rock and Metal acts. Utropia reports from the pit.

Author: Lyonel Perabo

Saturday night in Andenes was placed under the aegis of Rock and Metal. Here’s what Rock mot Rus rocked to on that fateful night. BLOMST, a female-fronted Garage-Rock band started the hostilities with some mean guitar-twanging. Their music was all about celerity and Old-School groove with some hints of more hedonistic Classic Rock. DUDES  came afterwards and really got the crowd going. Those guys have a knack for playing theatrical Punk-Rock with lots of guitars and non-serious lyrics. Their popier songs were a bit less catchy though. VERDEKAST brought an even bigger crowd to the stage and displayed a radically different sound. Think pre-´Heritage´ OPETH with weirder song-structures. These guys clearly knew what they were doing but still lagged a bit behind in terms of riffs.

Out of Oslo came BLOODLIGHTS who simply ripped everyone’s throats apart! Greasy Rock’n Roll oscillating between Punk and Sleaze, the band gave everything they had. They even had the forethought of closing their show with a cover of the classic ´New Rose´ by you-know-who. Last but not least came the Metalcore Heavyweight ADEPT all the way from Sweden. On stage those guys showed some great spirit, but were sadly impaired by the most awful live-mixing I’ve ever witnessed. Basically everything was a mess besides the drums. The Bass was the worst though. Every time a Bass-drop fell the sound-waves came reverberating through the ground before literally punching you in the guts. Too bad for ADEPT (and the public) but in such dire circumstances, BLOODLIGHTS received the 2015 Rock’n Roll crown.