Grooves, riffs, melodies – and «Rock’n’Roll på svenska»

Artist: Conny Bloom

Album: Fullt Upp

Record Label: Kronbloom Records

Rating: 5/6

TEXT: Stefanie Singh

When Conny Bloom launched the crowdfunding campaign for «Fullt Upp» on, he said: «A solo album in Swedish? Hell yeah! Been on my mind for long and I’m happy ‘Fullt Upp’ is finally being done. […] I’m sure the music will work even for you non-Swedes as well. At least I hope so!!»

Well, first of all: yes, the songs with Swedish lyrics are working for non-Swedes as well. That the former guitarist of Finland’s most legendary rock band Hanoi Rocks and current frontman of the Swedish Funk-O-Metal band Electric Boys, sings all of a sudden in Swedish and not – as usual – in English is a fact that one gets used to pretty quickly. And also with regard to musical style, one doesn’t need much time to get used to it as the solo album offers as much variety as Electric Boys records do. There are funky moments («Du É Mitt Socker»), unusual guitar sounds («Söders Ferdinand (Födelsedagslåten)»), compositions which are entirely instrumental («Ronnie Peterson» and «Tanken É Fri (Outro)»). Conny has said that «the album will be packed with grooves, riffs, melodies and Rock’n’Roll.»

As a matter of course, «Fullt Upp» is first and foremost a Rock’n’Roll record, therefore it’s not that surprising that amongst others, Dregen, the former guitarist of The Hellacopters and the Michael Monroe Band and current guitarist in Backyard Babies, dropped by as one of the guest musicians when the album was recorded («Finns Det Lite Stolthet Kvar, Finns Det Också Hopp Om Bättring»). And last but not least: Hats off to the funny album cover, Mister Bloom! If definitely sticks out among all other CD releases at the moment.