From Gothenburg with soul

Artist: The Black Marbles

Album: Best Believe It EP

Record Label: The Black Marbles / Ofelia Productions

Rating: 5/6

TEXT: Stefanie Singh
As currently observed in the hotly debated case of AC/DC, it’s not that uncommon that a band gets a new voice. The Swedes from The Black Marbles had a change at the microphone, too, and what makes their change remarkable is the fact that it is no longer a man but a woman who interprets the songs of the quartet which was founded in 2009. After one album (The debut «Made In Concrete» which was released in 2013), Kaj Paxéus left The Black Marbles by mutual agreement in 2015. With Marica Svensson, a successor was found in no time, and things continued at a spanking pace, resulting in the immediate recordings for the «Best Believe It EP».

The question that naturally arises first: Whose interpretation of The Black Marbles’ bluesy classic rock is better, the one by Kaj Paxéus or the one by Marica Svensson? And the answer is: There is no «better» or «worse» in this case as both deliver(ed) the goods. And those who are sceptical towards the change from male to female vocals should know that this lady definitely has the balls… uhm, voice… to take the band from Gothenburg to the next level.

The title track «Best Believe It» may sound very catchy, not to say slightly poppy, but «Little Sun» and «Fallen» reveal what Marica Svensson is capable of in terms of vocal range – and that is truly impressive! In order to mark the beginning of a new era, the EP is finalised by Miss Svensson’s version of «All Out Of Money».

«Best Believe It EP» is an appetizer of the upcoming second album, «Moving Mountains», and available on both CD and 10-inch vinyl. Since both formats are strictly limited to 300 pieces each, one should hurry up with the purchase.