Foto: Adam Andrews

Eccentricity to the max: Bob Hund in Studentsamfunnet Driv

‘Bob Hund’ are one of Sweden’s most popular acts. Their frantic and comic live performance has earnt them their faithful crowd of followers from the band’s start-up in the 90’s. Öberg, the bands lead singer, sings in Scanian, a southern Swedish dialect, mixing comical and serious subject matter. Fuse this alongside an eclectic mix of electronic-indie synths, guitar and drums, and you have yourself something truly unique.

While I understood little of the lyrical brilliance underpinning the eccentrics of the live act, I was immersed in the sense of freedom it evoked. The hugely entertaining Öberg encapsulated the small but significant crowd that attended with his non-stop, out-of-the-ordinary, plainly fabulous show. Öberg completely lost himself in his scantily-clad, pearl-entangled, masked character which was a joy to behold. Dödliger klassika, Bob Hund’s newly-released 11th studio album, supplied the ammunition for the bulk of the show, and whilst followers of the band seem to enjoy the studio recordings, I cannot emphasize enough how they cannot be compared to seeing the band live. Whether you are a fan of the bands recorded works or not, go and see them live and you may be pleasantly surprised, as was I.

Text: Adam Andrews