Confession of a desperate soul

 “Strangers” is Jadudah’s first official album, though this does not mean they are inexperienced. This Tromsø-based band have performed concerts all over Norway for the last couple of years, and thus their debut album has been joyfully embraced by those who know the band.

“And We Fall” is definitely a successful opening song, with its suspicious tension in the beginning soon followed by explosions of energy. It seems as if the song is transmitting a message that the album will not let the listeners’ mind float elsewhere, even for a moment, from beginning to end. Then the atmosphere enters a calmer phase with “Choice”, which exhibits a tasty combination of medium-tempo verses and a drowsy ‘letting go’-like chorus. After “Dandelion”, a gift of sweet sorrow, we meet “Catherine”, a melancholic labyrinth of her voice and image. We dance our last dance to the sensual keyboard sounds of “Black Sea” and then embark on a journey through a messy mind and an entangled dream, with “Love You (When You’re a Mess)”. Desperation explodes through the strong sounds of “Kaputo”, before we feel as if there is no way out from the barren ground of “WTDL”. The album comes to an end with “One Last Song”, a melancholic finale.

“Strangers” is energetic, melancholic, colourful and tasty. The straightforward sounds of electric instruments in combination with the vocalist’s voice, all add to the sentiment of honesty. It is a ‘love-aholic’s’ desperation wrapped in sensuousness, a map drawn by a soul of uncertainty.

  • Artist: Jadudah
  • Album: Strangers
  • Record Label: Black Sea Music
  • Rating: 5/6

Tekst: Yeonwoo Baik