Foto: Elia Smet

Concert with Chamber Orchestra on Fjellheisen

Imagine yourself sitting in a restaurant at the top of Fløya, enjoying the view of Tromsø and the mountains while listening to classical music. It sounds like you are in a movie scene which was exactly what 50 people experienced on Saturday afternoon. 


NOSO Chamber Orchestra has arranged a concert on top of Fløya every year for 4 years.

The chamber orchestra had the audience attention from the start, since they entered the stage wearing hiking clothes – not very typical for a classical orchestra. Nonetheless it was very fitted with the surroundings they were playing in.

The concert started with the full chamber orchestra on the stage playing Holberg Suite by Grieg. After this they tore the orchestra apart leaving only one contrabass playing a solo piece. They slowly started building the orchestra up again adding one player for each piece until all the musicians were playing together again. They even included a solo–soprano singer, Anne Nymo Trulsen, who left her mark on the concert.

It was easy to feel that every single member of the orchestra was full of passion and they wanted to bring the music to every person in the audience – sometimes it would give goose bumps. Especially when the soprano joined the orchestra and sang a beautiful Norwegian song. It went straight to the hearts of the audience and you could even feel that in the atmosphere.

The only negative thing to point out was the noise from the restaurant right next to where the orchestra played. Sometimes you would get forced out of the marvelous music universe, disturbed by the noise of plates or coffee machines, reminding you that the reality is right next to you. Such a shame!

However, having a classical concert with such a beautiful view and surroundings is amazing and something they should do more often – even at nighttime. Imagine listening to the same music with the northern light above you! Keep an eye out for these concerts – they are definitely worth it!