Foto: George Stoica

Cinematic musical landscapes

This young band’s soft yet powerful music conquered the masses!


Venue: Driv

Date: Thursday 21/01/2016

Photo: George Stoica
Photo: George Stoica

Author: Lyonel Perabo

The last time I saw BLODD FOREST FAMILY live must have been two or three years back, in the dinky cellar of Tromsø’s most beloved Bastard Bar. Back then the band was a quartet and the singer was a dude. Fast forward to the present day and BFF is a female-led quintet that manages to fill G Café’s stage. What a change!

Presenting their music under the patronage of both TIFF and Riddu Riððu, the band accomplished more than a small feat: captivating the audience of their pub concert at eight o’clock on a Thursday night. While some of those present might have been casual movie-goers, the band managed to catch the attention of all.

Musically, BFF has not changed all that much. We’re still talking about soft Indie Pop here, but the band has definitely honed their skills and presented a much more mature sound and concept than a few years back.

Photo: George Stoica
Photo: George Stoica

Most of the songs that were played at Driv were indeed not all that dissimilar from those I witnessed some years ago: thin, ultra-melodic guitars lead the way, while a decidedly independent-minded rhythmic section brings a well-needed punch to the band’s sonicscape.

Vocally, the switch from male to female lead does not do much to alter the overall ambiance of the music, though it definitely complements the at times ethereal and atmospheric melodies that seem to be BLODD FOREST FAMILY’s signature trick.

Despite a handful of somewhat shoddy ‘experimental’ tracks that left people puzzled, most of the audience was pretty much spellbound by the band’s performance. If these youngsters can go on like this, I predict that they will go very far in the not too distant future!