Foto: Press

Calm country indie with original sense of Norwegian valleys

Obviously most of the songs sound differently. One could say better in real life than on the album. However what makes this more credible is the fact that Monica is still working with her songs, still designing them for her current need of a certain expression.

Heldal is a magical valley in Norway, which is connected to the legend of the name‘s origin – kingdom of darkness. Monica doesn’t goes along with this name, since she is the complete opposite of being adark queen. She is moderating the whole concert with a nice smile and interacts with the audience through jokes.

Great fact about her music is the compromise between pop and country, between her modern sharp appearance and kind face and voice. One can feel the concept of her output and admire the performance of her fingers on the strings driven to perfection.

Monica was accompanied by Øivind Blomstrøm, her usual guitar „co-player“. They made great duo with matching voices and pleasant chemistry. After all, the concert was chill adding a great atmosphere for the evening and the audience got an encore. Monica hung out with the audience and left the impression of her as being a friendly easy-going person.

Text: Anežka Prosecká