Another felicitous opus filled with bittersweet melancholy

Artist: Sivert Høyem

Album: Lioness

Record Label: Hektor Grammofon

Rating: 5/6

TEXT: Stefanie Singh

«Høyem is the holder of a voice that should be considered one of Norway’s natural resources«: The press release for Sivert Høyem’s sixth studio album «Lioness» is anything but humble. Then again, modesty wouldn’t be appropriate in this case, because, Hell yes, the voice of the former Madrugada frontman is without any doubt one of the best things that Norway has to offer when it comes to music overall! Vocally somewhere between Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave, Sivert Høyem breathes not only life but soul into songs like the first single «Sleepwalking Man».

The catchy title track «Lioness», as well as the dark «V – O – I – D», belongs to the highlights of the record. «Fool to Your Crown» appears very poppy at first, but it develops a nice ’80s charm with the increasing repetition of its chorus; «Fool to Your Crown» could have been sung by Phil Collins just as well. While «The Riviera of Hades» is a composition in true singer/songwriter style, the duet «My Thieving Heart» features the vocals of the Norwegian pop singer Marie Munroe. And «The Boss Bossa Nova» sounds like a crime thriller at first, but thanks to the strings, it unfolds the same bittersweet melancholy we already appreciated and loved so much during the heyday of Madrugada.

On 25th and 26th February 2016, Sivert Høyem is going to present «Lioness» live in Tromsø, at «Clarion Hotel The Edge». Both concerts are already completely sold out, but there is still the opportunity to visit the concerts in the nearest cities Sortland (27th February 2016), Sivert’s birthplace, and Harstad (28th February 2016) instead.