Foto: Mats Gangvik

An electric Insomnia

Long nights, dancing crowd, electric vibes, lights and trees (yes trees!) that’s what insomnia sounds like. From 9pm till 3am the whole Driv was vibrating under electronic beats. It was all decorated, filled up with cardboard, aluminum and branches to get right into the mood. Three stages, always three concerts at the same time, so you can choose which one to go to. I didn’t know any of the artists before going there and I was gladly surprised to discover some really good ones that I am probably going to listen to again.

Insomnia 2016. Photo: Tina Derakhshan
Insomnia 2016. Photo: Tina Derakhshan

There were artists coming from Norway, Sweden, Canada, Ghana and more… Of course when you first enter the place you could possibly find it a bit weird, all these people dancing in a strange way to mechanical sounds. But once you really listen to it, you start to feel it and get strait into it. The ambiance was electric, people were all dancing together, sweating, wearing glowing bracelets and glitters. A stranger even gave me a balloon and I became a child again. It felt like I was in an underground nightclub in Berlin. Only nice people around, from volunteers to the public, you can only feel welcome. Friday and Saturday nights were a real blast, dancing like you don’t care. I was also really pleased to see some female artists, which can be pretty rare in electronic music or in the music industry in general. And they were really good! Special shout out to Jessi Lanza and Bow To Each Other! I had such an amazing time this weekend, smiling so much and already feeling kinda sad that it is over. Thank you Insomnia for making my 20th birthday so amazing!

Insomnia 2016. Photo: Mats Gangvik
Insomnia 2016. Photo: Mats Gangvik

Here’s a little playlist of the artists I really like and that I highly recommend:

Atta Kak – Oba Sima

Omar S – Day (A1)

Jessy Lanza – Oh no

Bow To Each Other – Crave Me

Runther – I Dance With the Devil

Author: Mathilde Roux