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Album review: You want it darker

Here I am saying goodbye and leaving this world with deep faith in the next life.

Text: Anežka Prosecká 

This sentence could explain the content of the whole album. Leonard Cohen, who recently passed away, finished this album in proper time. The texts are interlaced by scriptural motifs and metaphors of God‘s love. Leonard smoothly placed his 80s style into the 21st century style. Slight beats and electronical elements add the vibe to the songs, which is going through the listener‘s body. The songs are flowing each to other and telling the story of a wise man.  As if he was giving to know that he is here by the whole album. That feeling can be noticed right away in the opening song, where appears the word „hineni“. That means in Hebrew „I am here“. In this form it occurs in the Bible only few times and only in the situations, where the hero is meeting the God.

Even without noticing these reminders of the faith and scripture the album is talking through the composition. It is one of these kinds, which one is able to listen any time and it is suitable for any situation, where you need background music. That does not mean that the music is not that interesting to be listened carefully, but the lyrics make it obviously more understandable and deeper in meaning.

Leonard Cohen could express his expectation of leaving to heaven by this album. It seems to be closing some period of the author’s life. In this case the period was the life itself. Leonard could not say better goodbye than in this placatory way.

Album: You want it darker

Author: Leonard Cohen

Date of publication: 21st October 2016
Label: Columbia

Rating: 6/6