A pleasant listening experience for those who enjoy post-metal

Artist: Cult Of Luna

Album: Mariner

Record Label: Indie Recordings

Rating: 4/6

TEXT: Stefanie Singh
In the middle of May 2016, Cult Of Luna are going to play one show in Norway’s capital Oslo. Those who cannot make it there might go for a walk to the nearby record store instead. There, «Mariner» is waiting, the seventh album of the post-metallers Cult Of Luna. «Mariner» is a very special collaboration between the Swedes from Umeå and the American musician Julie Christmas from New York, not only in terms of music. The album was created largely through online file sharing.

«Mariner» is an opus one really has to engage in; it’s definitely nothing to listen to while chopping vegetables in the kitchen or the like. It’s probably the best to listen to it while looking into the stars – which will also make its central theme «space exploration» more accessible to you. «Mariner» is atmospheric for the most part, and it repeatedly builds up tension which partly unleashes in metal growls («A Greater Call») or in the screaming of Julie Christmas («The Wreck of S.S. Needle»). One has to like both in order to be able to enjoy this release 100%, and that’s unfortunately not the case for my humble self. As long as there is someone singing, may it be Cult Of Luna («Approaching Transition») or Julie Christmas («Chevron»), it’s a pleasant listening experience, but their metal growls and her screaming are an integral component of the album’s concept, so those who don’t mind either should definitely check out the record themselves. And if it is considered as a mind-blowing opus, try to buy it on vinyl instead of CD, because only the vinyl edition includes the bonus track «Beyond The Redshift».