A fascinating, extraordinary, super melodical creation of the Icelandic indy-pop rock band

Artist: Kaleo

Album: A/B (2016)

Record label: Elektra/Atlantic records

Rating: 5/6

The icelandic music band, which started their music production in 2012, is now gathering more and more listeners around the world. The ‘why so?’ question does not appear at all when turning on their latest album A/B. The album indeed seems like all the most popular genres glued together in one piece of musical art.

The mixture of the vocalist Jökull Júlíusson’s extremely enchanting voice, atmospheric guitar and violin fusion makes you dive into some deep emotional level within yourself. Indeed! Just switch on one of the most impressing songs in the album – Vor í Vaglaskógi – and try not to fall in love with these tones of music immediately… Despite slow and smooth melodies, Kaleo’s latest album also has songs of quality blues and rock, such as No Good, Hot Blood. Even some country style can be found – like in Automobile. Kaleo surely gathered all the styles in only one album – outstanding!

Kaleo has already gained popularity throughout the US and Canada. The magazine Rolling Stone has included them into the ‘Top 10 New Artists You Need to Know’ rating. So let’s raise the popularity of this good music throughout UiT then!

Speaking of the atmosphere of the album, which arises whilst listening to the songs from A/B: there is the actual feeling that the whole album is about one personality, but with different moods, thoughts and even appearances.

Text: Alena Antipina