Foto: Tomas Ruan Rollan

A Concert with Depth

Fingers running fast on the piano, the drums soft beat and the lovely dark rhythm of the contra bass with a saxophone sound in the world-league. It does not sound like a bad mix – and it definitely was not when Jerry Bergonzi entered the scene I Kulturhuset Tromsø for a jazz concert established by Tromsø Jazzklub – a regular Thursday evening.

Text: Marie Søndergaard
The setting was perfect with small round tables, candles and it was possible to grab the beer of the night. The atmosphere was really cozy and the performers lived up to the expected jazz attitude enjoying every moment, taking it easy and moving around the stage, while one performed the solo. They were very relaxed, convincing and good! The atmosphere the musicians were creating was carried over to the audience, who could lean back and enjoy the music.

Photo: Tomas Ruan Rollan

The jazz and the sound from Jerry Bergonzi playing the saxophone allows the listener to fly into their own world and forget about daily chores. Jerry Bergonzi is one of the best saxophone players in the world. He is the saxophone professor at Berkley University in Boston – one of the highest ranked music universities. How can it not be a good concert?

If you are not familiar with music, the listener probably will find the different pieces sound repetitive. The 4 four musicians, a contra bass, piano, drums and, of course, the saxophone, all taking their turn improvising a solo. However, there is much more to it than that.

Photo: Tomas Ruan Rollan

Jerry Bergonzi is, as stated, one of the best saxophone players and improvisers in the world. He has a great and smooth sound on his horn, which fitted perfectly into the setting and the music. He has an outstanding technique with fingers flying up and down with an ease I have rarely seen before – it blends right into the music.

Stating that he is one of the best improvisers is because of his fantastic use of the harmonics in the music. He can hear the chords and their development in an extreme high level, which makes him able to create solos exceeding the expectation of the audience. His solos are not popsolos and do not contain cliche. You need to focus when listening to Jerry in order to understand, what he is stating. He has something deeper to say with his playing.

For your next cozy dinner with friends – add him to your playlist.

Photo: Tomas Ruan Rollan