Foto: Adrian Nysand

«A combination of the simple things in life and something bigger..»

Tromsø band Cazadores is hunting emotions and imagination with their second album Afterglow.

Ten songs – all it takes to drift away from the present moment and daydream. After their debut with «Hyperion Days» the band is continuing with an ambitious second album. The distinctive indie sound of Cazadores is sketching out the spirit of «Afterglow», combining excellent melody and vocals. Each song is provoking a new palette of feelings – taking the listener on a journey in his own emotional landscape, so the album can be experienced in a very personal way. The band inspire with songs full of spirit and energy.

With this second album Cazadores are developing their personal touch and the result is a delightful set of music. The band is going to present Afterglow in Tromsø in October – don’t miss them!

Utropia was curious for more details about the band’s second album, so we talked with Cazadores vocalist Mats Devik:

U – Now that you have a second album out, do you feel more mature as a band, is there any change?

M – We’re delighted to have our second album out. We recorded the album last year after touring Hyperion Days so we felt tight as a band and the sound feels like a natural progression from what we were doing at the time. We feel more mature and we’re really happy with how the songs and the production makes the story come together really well for us.

U – What is the story behind the choice of «Afterglow» as a name for the album?

M – Afterglow is the title track,  and it combines the feeling you can have after an emotional experience with the colours in the sky in the North. A combination of the simple things in life  and something bigger, which represents the album quite well for us. Melancholic and uplifting at the same time.

U – Your titles vary from «Diamonds (the world is in your hands)»  to «Where you and I end», touching totally opposite emotions. What is the global message you want to express with this second album?

M – With the song titles we want to catch the imagination of the listeners more than to tell the story for them. Some of the songs are about our own lives, many of them are just pop songs, what we’re hoping for is that people can make their own story of them and since we’ve gone for a pretty big sound we want the titles to fit into that.

U – The CD cover photos, and all the artwork around the album are giving this dreamy touch. How can you relate them to your music, and how did you chose this nature thematic?

M – The artwork has been really important to us with this record. We wanted to go a step further describing what we’re about and also give a good visual aesthetic experience. We got in touch with our favourite photographer, Reuben Wu from the British band Ladytron (Look him up on instagram, it’s definitely worth the time). Reuben went to the Nevada Desert and took the cover shot, a dramatic scenery photography, and the artwork is done by Espen Eilertsen from Tromsø. A local/international expression which is pretty much what we want to do as a band.

U – Next month you will play in Tromsø – the band’s home town. What is the feeling to play in front of the local public?

Talking about concerts – the last time you performed at DRIV was in April. UiT students are indeed curious if you plan to play on that stage again any soon?

M – It’s easy to get into clichés when describing your home town, but playing at home is the highlight of our tour by far. The support we get in Tromsø is just unbelievable, we can’t wait to do our show in November. This time we’re playing at The Edge, but  we’ll definitely play Driv again, let’s make that the next show in Tromsø!

U – What will you say to our readers, who are about to discover your new album?

M – We hope the students in Tromso have an amazing year and check us out at our next show if you can. Big hugs from the tour van!

 Text: Boyka Todorova