The Fjords

As I remember my grandma saying, a good musician can easily be recognized by his ability to be both quiet and loud (not at the same time, though) – and what goes for opera singers surely also applies to indie pop bands. By that measure The Fjords are definitely good. Granted, I didn’t know much about the band before visiting the concert at Driv. I had listened to one song available on Soundcloud (“All in”) and read a very short review that succinctly described them as even sadder than The Nationals (Under The Radar Magazine); sounds fun, I thought, and went in with reasonably high expectations.

The concert took place at the Isbjorn stage, and the small place quickly filled up with fans, or fans-to-be; and while the North Norwegian indie-pop crowd might not be the crazy dancing kind, people seemed to be having a reasonable amount of fun. The Fjords’ set started rather slow with “Black Harbor”, but then went all out with “Polaris Breach” (which might now even be my new favorite). From then on, it got only better; “Anesthesia”, “House of Glass”, “Tall Tale”, “Silhouettes” and drummer Kim Christer Hylland’s intense performance throughout especially stood out. Lead singer Petter Vågan occasionally played his guitar with a violin bow, making the crowd go wild (just kidding, but I did see some people nod their heads in approval). Overall, it was a great concert, and I can only recommend checking out the band for yourself, especially if you are a fan of Bon Iver, Tame Impala, Purity Ring and of course The Nationals.

Text: Elinor Tessin

Foto: Anna Lukachuk
Foto: Anna Lukachuk