Foto: Marie Søndergaard

Pizza Beef

Simple, cheap and just what students love!

Every student loves pizza and meat – so why not combine it? In this recipe there are two suggestions of how to mix the two things that students love the most – Meat and pizza. Release your imagination and try to come up with your own combinations. There are no limitations or right or wrong.

Mexican Pizza Burger

  • 500 g grounded chicken meat
  • Salsa
  • Cheese

Italian style Pizza Beef
500 g grounded beef
Red Pesto
On the side
French fries

Form the 500 g grounded meat into 4 burgers.

Fry them a few minutes on each side in the pan.

Just before they are done, add the salsa or red pesto and cheese (as much as you desire) on top of them. They are done, when the cheese is melted.
You can never get to much bacon!
For the healthy one – mix a salad or fry some vegetables as a side dish.

Text: Marie Søndergaard