When a disaster comes, should it be war or a nature catastrophe, sometimes the only choice people are left with is to flee away from their homes. Left with nothing except things they are able to take with them, they travel far away. The only hope that holds them up going is a hope of a new home where they can start a new life; a peaceful one this time. However, as they say, our heart will always drive us back to the place we’ve been born and will never accept a new one.

Text: Willhelm Vold 

The exhibition called Uprooted takes place at Tromsø’s Perspektivet Museum until 9th October. The exhibition is presented to us by twenty-four photographers from Magnum Photos – “photographic co-operative of great diversity and distinction owned by its photographer-members”. The photographers traveled around the world at different times in modern history to capture people leaving their homes because of political and economic situations or natural disasters in their countries. The exhibition is a result of their creative work and will to present world’s crises from a different perspective without taking any political side or opinions on situations. What we get is a pure insight of those photographers into dramatic events happening around the world since the end of the Second World War.

The name of this exhibition is a perfect metaphor; “Uprooted” means “to tear something away from a native environment” and this is exactly what this photo-exhibition is about. When the war comes to your land or nature disaster happens, you don’t have too much of a choice: either you stay and hope for the best, and it might be not the best option ever given, or you leave everything you ever achieved behind and move to somewhere far away to find a better life.

Unfortunately, before even getting the change of better life people often have to go through some major challenges. Some people choose not to take too much risk and stay at refugee camps for long periods, while others are pushed to find illegal ways of crossing borders to other countries. It is thrilling to watch those stories unfold in this thought-provoking photo project. “Uprooted” is highly recommended for visiting to all curious minds.