Director: Paolo Sorrentino

Release: 29 January 2016 (Norway)

Rating: 10/10

Text: Outi Autere

Youth is one of those movies that has it all. The incredible life-tasting tone throughout the entire film results from a combination of skillful actors, mesmerizing nature pictures, enchanting music and a storyline that gives room for an alternative concept. Moreover, everything fits to this very movie as if there could have been no other option.

The wisdom of the movie is almost tangible yet it is not given hands-down. The secrets, thoughts and acts of everyday life are carried out so gracefully that it shuts down everything else. Italian director Paolo Sorrentino has succeeded in picturing life exactly as it is, with all its beauty and ugliness, unsaid words and passions. However, the real commendation must go justifiably to the cast.

Michael Caine shines in the leading role. His brilliance in his work as a retired composer is unlimited, and the dialogues with his lifelong friend and persistent movie director (played by Harvey Keitel) are so priceless that sniggering at full speed is guaranteed. Furthermore, an extra credit goes to young Paul Dano – better known as Dwayne from Little Miss Sunshine – who nails it again with his dedication to the deep character he is playing. The cast was well-chosen and the remarkable role-plays throughout the entire movie continually amaze with their excellence.

The Swiss Alpine setting and the fine music by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer David Lang, are both more than just a background. The greatness of this movie comes from the fact that it touches all the senses at once. ‘Youth’ is a brilliant, intelligent and philosophical narration about life as it is: no more, no less.

You say emotions are overrated – but emotions are all we’ve got.”