Who, if not us?

Before The Flood is definitely NOT the ordinary movie you are used to watch after a long day at university. But it is indeed the most necessary one to be watched. By the 6th of November it had reached the point of over 11 million views on YouTube and there are tons of views via National Geographic channel as well. What is of great importance is the fact that it gained 8,5 rating points on IMDb site since it had been issued.


Let us be honest: Before The Flood is not even a documentary you are used to see. This is more of an involvement picture to what your future is looking like. It is not shown concretely, but after you have finished it – you can see your terrifying future without the Earth that we are able to see now.

As for the movie structure, it’s quite simple: Leonardo DiCaprio conducts several interviews with key people on the international arena and apart from this, shows us the pictures of a devastating climate change, that is happening nowadays in many regions of the world. For a documentary we must admit that he chosen the right strategy to build the movie upon. But for the impression and impact it has to deliver, I would say, it may still be not that shocking to majority of viewers.

Which is of crucial importance is the fact that it is the worldwide-known actor, the Academy Award Winner and a public figure who is translating the message to the audience. Without Leonardo DiCaprio this film would probably never have got as vast anticipation as it had.

One way where Before The Flood differs from other environmental documentaries is that it has been told by the Person to everyone in person. Leonardo DiCaprio, as an ordinary human being, the citizen of not the U.S. but planet Earth, is talking to the same people as himself, how he sees the changes with his own eyes and he talks as a person, not as an actor or as a media individual. As a person, who is concerned about the Earth and future as never before.

In summary I will speak very briefly about personal reflections. First, I have never been so sure of the stupidity and stubbornness of some political structures as I do now. Second, while you see the pictures of a terrifying framework, which we are facing now, you see a dramatic controversy. And thirdly, this controversy is shown as an intention of one actor from a “third-world” country (what a naïve definition, isn’t it?) to explain the stubbornness, mentioned in the “first” above. The debate for all the countries is either to develop and live by the western wealthy standard or to live in a harmony with nature…which means now to live the life itself.

Article by: Alena Antipina

MOVIE TITLE: Before The Flood

DIRECTOR: Fisher Stevens and Leonardo DiCaprio

RELEASE: 21st October

RATING: 9/10