This changes everything

This documentary about the challenge of climate change shows how a lot of different people around the world deal with climate change in their own region and how our economic system may be blamed for this crisis. Nine countries were filmed to illustrate the size of the problem regarding the whole world. The movie is directed by Avi Lewis and inspired by the bestseller of Naomi Klein ‘This changes everything’.

“What if confronting the climate crisis is the best chance we’ll ever get to build a better world?” This is the feeling during the whole movie. It shows a series of shocking numbers about the climate change together with people that fight for a better world. Watching this movie let you think about yourself and what you could do against climate change. An impressive movie that may not change the world, but may change your mind.

We don’t own the world, we’re only visitors!” was the main feeling of people after seeing this movie. People felt the urge of doing something for the environment. And luckily people were hopeful after this movie: “There will be a change if more people get engaged with the problem.”

So grab your change and watch this movie, it may change you so you can change the world!

Text: Ellen van Marrewijk