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There‘s more paradise in hell than we’ve been told

The film «One More Time With Feeling» was shown on the big screen once in the day before the release of the album. The director’s closer look captured all 16 songs from «Skeleton Tree», interviews, opinions and behind the scenes of the shooting process.

Text: Tamara Sizykh and Aleksandra Iakovenko

The work on the sixteenth studio album lasted from the end of 2014 on the background of Nick’s tragic life events, who lost his 15-year-old son in the summer of 2015. It changed the original concept of the film and turned it into a deep dive into the feelings and experiences of the band and their musical reflection.

Andrew Dominik is the Hollywood director of Australian origin, the nominee of Cannes and the Oscars, the director and screenwriter of such films as «Chopper», «The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford» and «Killing them softly».

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Photo: Press

The film was shot in two formats: black-and-white and in color, in 3D and 2D. The result of the shooting is a fragile, pristine and genuine legacy of the artist trying to find his way in the darkness.

“One More Time With Feeling” is a masterful documentary that combines sophisticated film editing and great sound work with some confusion and awkwardness of the narrative. Real people are not able to talk about the most terrible tragedies of life with beautiful words. Nick stutters, forgets the words, and reacts to the director’s leading. The rest of the characters in the film (including a film crew) also clearly do not feel quite comfortable. But then all take their places in the studio and begin to do what they do best in life — making music. Despite the devastating loss Nick starts getting engaged with the process of creating the album, his voice slowly gaining strength, you may notice a subtle gleam in his eyes…

The movie shows that despite any devastating tragedies a person who is involved with something that lights the way out of the darkness should keep smiling and spreading happiness.