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The Girl on the Train

I have always told myself not to be biased or too critical when watching a movie based on a book I’ve read. This time with The Girl on the Train was not an exception! In the beginning I attempted to criticize every single shot, but failed after 5 minutes. And now I will tell you why this film is underestimated actually. Although one discrepancy between the novel and the adaptation was the location of all the events – it happened in New York and its suburbs, not London as it was in the book.

Both the novel and the movie are saturated with women’s pain, the one that can be felt even from the screen. Again and again, each part of the story touches some strings of the viewers, and they would interpret in one’s own way. While acknowledging it, I caught myself on the point that this was a very precise novel adaptation that is compared to the book by the impression it makes. However, some characters were not depicted clearly. For example, Scott (Luke Evans) was portrayed as some kind of a prostitute, and later on his hero was not revealed as expected. To my mind, Luke Evans himself is not that suitable for Scott’s character, but perhaps the purpose of the starring team was not to diminish main heroes at the expense of secondary ones.

I have seen quite a lot of novel adaptation and would evaluate The Girl on the Train as one of the best at my personal rating. All the elements of the plot were picked carefully to build a spectacular picture – the cinematography is the evidence. Ignoring the fact that psychological thriller is the most favorite movie genre of mine, The Girl on the Train is truly a success of this year. I would surely put it on the same level as Gone Girl (2014) by the level of the excitement it causes while watching!

I can only envy the ones who watch The Girl on the Train for the first time, not having a clue about its wonderful plot twists.

MOVIE TITLE: The Girl on the Train

DIRECTOR: Tate Taylor

RELEASE: 2nd December

RATING: 9/10

TEXT: Alena Antipina