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The Dressmaker

«Revenge is back in fashion» says the slogan, and the revenge of Myrtle «Tilly» Dunnage (Kate Winslet) is particularly entertaining and, fortunately, not as predictable as the official trailer for the Australian comedy-drama film suggests.

TEXT: Stefanie Singh

Based on the homonymous novel by Australian Rosalie Ham, «The Dressmaker» is set in Australia in the early 1950s, in a fictional country town called Dungatar. After many years, Tilly returns to Dungatar as a made woman; a glamorous dressmaker who has lived and worked in Europe. Pretending that she just wants to take care of her mentally ill mother (Judy Davis), her eventual love interest (Liam Hemsworth) realises that she actually seeks revenge. As an illegitimate child, Tilly was exposed to the bullying by the other children in Dungatar all her childhood. Later on, she was accused of murdering one of her tormentors and subsequently sent into exile. Now, she is back with an exquisite sense of style and a Singer sewing machine as her weapons.

Especially the cast of Kate Winslet is a phenomenal choice since she can represent both the self-confidence and the pain that is hidden behind the glamourous mask of the main character. Fortunately, the love story goes without any corniness, including an unexpected turn of events. And when an ugly duckling turns into the admired wife of Dungatar’s most eligible bachelor, thanks to a custom-made dress by Tilly, you see why it’s said that clothes make the woman. Well, clothes and the right make-up.

In 2015, «The Dressmaker» led the 5th Australian Academy Of Cinema And Television Arts Awards with a total of twelve nominations, bagging five of the trophies. In Norway, «The Dressmaker» was released on DVD at the beginning of December 2016.

DIRECTOR: Jocelyn Moorhouse

RELEASE: 5th December 2016 (Norway)

RATING: 9/10