The 5th Wave

Director:  J. Blakeson

Release: 29.01.2016

Rating: 5/10

The 5th Wave is an American science-fiction thriller enjoyable for its action. One day, usual life is interrupted by the coming of “the others”. Nobody knows what they want. Then the “waves” start. The aliens are creative in the way they clean the surface of the earth of mankind, yet some of the people are ready to struggle through.

Cassie Sullivan (played by Chloe Grace Moretz) is an ordinary high-school girl, who shows all her courage and dignity in this extraordinary situation at the world’s distraction. This role fits Chloe Moretz, although sometimes you expect her to be more emotional. She is fighting for her brother, but not for the whole world, making the movie more interesting to watch and contrasting it from other works of this genre. The plot of this film is, on one hand, framed within the standard structure of invasion-themed movies, whilst on the other it finishes with a degree of uncertainty, allowing the audience to decide what will happen next. This is surprising, and the director succeeded in deceiving expectations.

Graphics and special effects are not as advanced as one would expect them to be. The leading role is associated with most of the action, yet almost all of the scenes are predictable. Dialogues sometimes turn out to be silly and don’t contain any meaning, whilst the best scenes in the movie are silent, without speech. This holds a kind of tension, but as we all expect, the film plays out happily.

This film considers morality: a person’s hope is their strong point, and you always have to think for yourself in order to avoid being manipulated.