The dangers posed to humanity by artificial life forms have yet again been explored.

Text: Marie Søndergaard

The age-old debate of nature-versus-nurture gets put through the sci-fi lens in the new movie “Morgan”. It is a movie in a fierce pace from the beginning and all the way to the end. The opening scene is seen through a surveillance camera that shows Dr. Kathy (Jennifer Jason Leigh) entering a secured room. She is going to eat lunch with Morgan (Anya Taylor-Joy). They are sitting at the table chatting and all of the sudden Morgan pushes everything away from the table, jumps over it and stabs Kathy in the eye. You are thrown directly in to the movie, not really know what has happened before this incident. The viewers are left a bit confused and to do a lot of guessing.

Lee Weathers (Kate Mara), a risk management consultant is sent in to investigate the incident. Lee Weathers is a mysterious character adding an extra dimension to the movie with her tension and presence at the facility. She is tasked to determine whether Morgan should be terminated or allowed to live before it causes more chaos. However, the scientists who created Morgan are very closely link to her and as one of them describes, “they are like family”. That is why they brush her violent outbreak aside. Their blinded love for Morgan is frustrating and the storytelling lacks subtlety in contrasting how they view the artificially created being as a human and how Lee and even the company’s view it on this creation.

The biggest issue is the moral question of the story. Morgan hinges on the debate of nature vs. nurture but it never comes to any satisfying conclusions. It’s easy to assume that the point of the film is showing, once again, that artificial intelligence is a bad idea, however this conclusion is not clear in the movie. It has a couple of nice, unexpected twists and is not as predictable as you might think, but the movie never really finds its focus at this rapid speed.

Stars: 4/10

Director: Luke Scott

Release date: 9. September 2016