Director:                   Nick Waggoner
release:                   October 6, 2015 (Canada)
March 3, 2016 (Norway)

Rating: 9/10

TEXT: Violeta Onland

To me this is an amazing movie that engages you in to a story of controversy, a battle to protect the last real wilderness in the Jumbo valley against the always increasing interest of development.

For over 24 years the locals have, First Nations, conservationists, backcountry skiers and snowbourders, together with some government parties fought against the opposition, Alberto Alberti and some government parties, that whishes to build a four seasons mega ski resort in the heart of the Central Purcell Mountains, placing down infrastructure and covering the four surrounding glaciers with ski lifts to provide access to what the architect Alberto Alberty calles his cathedral.

Photo: Kevin Ochoa
Photo: Kevin Ochoa

Right from the start I felt captivated by this documentary as the first sight you look upon is the sight from the top of a glacier, a great experience made better as it is accompanied by music of classical orchestra that actually went up there for the shooting of this hour-long documentary. Moving over the valley the issue of the ski resort is explained from different views. Alberto Alberti , the italian architect and creator of the resort plan, spoke of it as a dream he had since he was young, something he wanted to give to the world. I felt for the guy as he sounded really sincere about this dream of his. However, this huge resort would bring down the identity of this Sacred background country of the Ktunaxa and it would fragtment a critical section of the wild life corridor, endangering the grizzlie populations all around the region.

Beautiful shots were taken from the sky looking down at the valley, aswell as right infront of the skiers just as they dive in the fresh powdery snow, from the grizzlies sniffing around or just from the locals defending their territory. It truly gives you this trilling experience as if you are really there to fight for something too.

I really loved to watch this movie, because it raises awareness in people, make them want to share their opinion about the matter and think further or brings them right back home where similar things might also happen.

This movie was a worldwide production of sweetgrass and attracted many by its beatiful scenes, trilling music and outdoor experiences. It brought the fight of the locals of Jumbo to life and they already reached over 20.000 people that signed the petition on KEEPING JUMBO WILD!