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«Every clue will take him deeper»

“Inferno” is the continuation of the exciting mystery stories based on the worldwide bestsellers of Dan Brown. As in the previous movies, the leading role is played by one of the most popular actors of our time, Tom Hanks.

Professor of Religious Symbology, Robert Langdon, arrives in Florence and immediately gets involved in a cycle of mysterious events that could lead to the death of mankind.


The film is directed by the talented and well-known Academy Award winner (“A Beautiful Mind”) Ron Howard.  The soundtrack is composed by the one and only Hans Zimmer, who won an Oscar for the soundtrack of the animated film «The Lion King». The brilliant cast includes top-actors such as the previously mentioned Tom Hanks (two-time winner of the Golden Statuette for «Philadelphia» and «Forrest Gump»), Omar Sy («1+1»), Felicity Jones («The Theory of Everything»), and others.

I absolutely recommend watching «Inferno», especially because of the great shots of Florence and Venice, accompanied by the music of Hans Zimmer.

Director: Ron Howard

Release: October 21st, 2016 

Rating: 6/10

Text: Tamara Sizykh