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Don´t Breathe

Fede Alvarez, known for the horror Movie “Evil Dead”, released his second movie called “Don´t breathe”. Produced on comparably low budget, this film has everything a horror movie needs.

There are three young grownups in the City of Detroit, who are breaking into houses of rich people, stealing jewellery among other things to sell later. Realizing that this is not as lucrative as stealing money directly, they make up a plan to do so. Therefore, they have decided to break into the house of an old and blind veteran. He is the last person living in the completely abandoned part of the City and it is said that he is sitting on a big sum of cash.

Of course, the house has a spooky atmosphere, more locks than the thieves expected and one can guess, that their victim will not be as easy to fool as they thought. But still this movie succeeds in keeping your tension on a high level. Alvarez knows how to perform with the light and how to manage the use of dark scenes in order to tell the story straight to the audience. This gives the viewers nice and classical foresights, but it also brings some surprising plot twists.

All in this entire movie turns out to be a classical and quite entertaining horror movie with some action, some spooky elements, some violence and blood. If you like to jangle your nerves but don´t want to panic too much, this movie might be the one for you.

Movie Review by Johanna Schirra

Title: Don´t breathe

Director: Fede Alvarez

Production Company: Ghost House Pictures

Date of Release in Norway: September 20th, 2016.

Rating: 7/10