Deutschland 83

DIRECTORS: Edward Berger & Samira Radsi

RELEASE: 6th June 2016 (Norway)

RATING: 10/10

TEXT: Stefanie Singh
While the complete series «Deutschland 83» will finally be released on DVD, it’s still unclear whether the TV series from Germany will be continued or not. Unlike abroad (in countries such as the US, the UK and the Nordic countries), «Deutschland 83» wasn’t popular among the television viewers in its home country. In Norway, «Tyskland 83» was broadcasted on NRK1 in November and December 2015.

During the Cold War, the young sergeant of the border troops of the GDR, Martin Rauch, is sent to West Germany; by the Main Directorate for Reconnaissance (HVA) and against his will. The leaders in Moscow and East Berlin believe that the West is planning a nuclear attack against the East, so sent undercover (as Moritz Stamm, senior lieutenant and adjutant of the Bundeswehr general Wolfgang Edel), Martin should spy on the Bundeswehr and NATO in order to gather further information. Not only does this supply us with eight very thrilling episodes: From the top-notch cast to the props to the brilliant soundtrack, «Deutschland 83» delivers just everything one could wish for from a series set in the 1980s. Next to the omnipresent suspense, there is also action, humour and love, though the latter is fortunately kept within a limit. No corny love plots in Hollywood style, if there is even a single sincere love story told in «Deutschland 83». One does not always know what the single characters are up to. Also a same-sex relationship was placed in the plot, which gives the series a more contemporary touch.

Given the remaining mysteries, the second and third season of the planned trilogy – entitled «Deutschland 86» respectively «Deutschland 89» – should be realised. If German television viewers don’t appreciate it, the ones outside Germany certainly will.