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Café Society

Have you noticed that Woody Allen is quite a productive director, who releases a movie every year? Fascinating! However, some people say that such a speed affects the quality. Nonetheless, Café Society is ranked higher by critics than Allen’s latest films after Midnight in Paris.

Text: Alena Antipina

I think it is important to say a few words about heroes and their characters. Film by film, in the last five years, the majority of male heroes tends to be like Woody Allen himself: expressive, fastly speaking, canny. As for the female characters on the other hand, the majority is irrational girls, who behave in a strange way in most situations and have no certain thought in mind. You know; it’s those women who don’t care about the consequences of their actions. Café Society is not an exception. I’d say that’s the style of our old good Woody, but over the years it has become a bit annoying, ironically.

I’ve heard people argue about a specific kind of “emotionality” of Kristen Stewart (Vonnie). Some say her acting seems to be like a stone’s emotions, but in Café Society she is as natural as possible. But to tell you the truth: her appearance and body language definitely don’t suit the atmosphere of the movie. It literally breathes smoke, old-fashioned interior of well-known Hollywood. None of this was traceable in the character of Vonnie.

Honestly, since Café Society was announced, I was waiting to see Blake Lively (Veronica) on the screen. This is The Actress, I should say: she suits each and every one of Woody’s pictures. You’ll fall in love with her character from the first sight, I guarantee!

Those of you who watched Scoop (Woody’s movie of 2006), would draw parallels to Café Society, mostly because it is nice and smiley in the same way. One big plus point is Allen’s creativity style: every film, although most of the recent ones may seem similar, has its unique story underneath the plot, which every viewer may find differently and, by all means, is close to the soul. Moreover, the cameraman’s work is the proof of it.

This movie is about changes. People change, times change, but “Café Society” as a phenomenon will exist forever. And why not, if the atmosphere is that charming and captivating!

MOVIE TITLE: Café Society

DIRECTOR: Woody Allen

RELEASE: October 7th, 2016

RATING: 7/10