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American Honey

American Honey is the seventh movie of Andrea Arnold, British filmmaker and former actress. As for the movie itself, it was released earlier this year and got huge support by critiques at 2016 Cannes Film Festival. It has also been awarded Prix du Jury. The rating of the film and fairly high evaluation had led me to thinking that this movie is worth watching. Moreover, my own reflection of the picture has forced me to conclude that it’s not only worth watching, but what’s important – worth thinking about it afterwards.


Speaking of the anticipation, there were no familiar actors, except Shia LaBeouf, and the movie was about 2,5 hours, so I thought this doesn’t promise any joy. Oh, how mistaken I was! American Honey grabs you from the first scene, which was quite terrifying: horrible reflection of poverty and extreme inner suffering of a main heroine, Star (Sasha Lane). Due to the fact, that this motion picture is a drama road film, as its description says, the image through the whole time length is unstable, it moves with the heroes and the car they are in. Warning! You may have a headache afterwards… So take a walk after viewing, think about the movie and breath some fresh air.

Nevertheless, the ambience of this moving, unstable image puts you onwards into the movie frame. It feels like you are a part of their lives. You breathe the same air as heroes, sing same songs, let these emotions come through your body. You are a part of American honey, completely. Doesn’t matter, if you wanted that or not.


Honestly speaking, I believe that this movie is able to change the perception of life for the viewer. The first scenes are about poverty and family drama. The other huge part of what’s shown is rich suburbs and well-furnished homes of wealthy American citizens. When you see such a contrast (and I tell you – this is terribly impressive), you can’t stand still. American Honey is too dramatic to be ignorant about its contents. The reality inside it is too harsh and striking, so you deny believing such things exist in profusion.

I caught myself with the thought that this movie passed through me and left a certain mark, I need to tell you, folks, something quite serious. Cherish, what you have, because at least you have it, don’t take all for granted. It may be a gift from the destiny, but still – it asks for gratitude in return.

Author: Alena Antipina