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Alice Through The Looking Glass

In the sequel of «Alice In Wonderland» (2010), the eponymous heroine (Mia Wasikowska) goes on an entertaining and action-packed journey through time which makes «Alice Through The Looking Glass» a sequel and a prequel at the same time. Next to the reappearance of familiar faces such as the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp), the White Queen (Anne Hathaway) and the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter), new characters like Time (brilliantly performed by Sacha Baron Cohen) are introduced. Furthermore, it is the last film Alan Rickman contributed to before his death in January 2016.

«Alice Through The Looking Glass» provides basically everything that one can expect from a (non-animated) film produced and distributed by Disney these days: Ridiculously expensive production costs ($170 million), a prominent cast, and digital visual effects as far as the eye can see. Without these tools, today’s «cinema for the masses» doesn’t seem to work anymore, and one needs to be aware of it when inserting the DVD into the player.

The motion picture comes along in loud colours, but that’s how the world of Alice is supposed to be, and Tim Burton (who directed the predecessor and is now one of the producers) isn’t exactly known as a cult director from the underground either. If all that is clear, one can take much pleasure in watching «Alice Through The Looking Glass» because the film in itself is well done, even if the plot is rather loosely based on the books of Lewis Carroll. Those who are already sick and tired of the typical ingredients of contemporary Hollywood blockbusters should rather invest their money in the DVD of the animated cartoon version from 1951. And, no, this recommendation is not meant ironically!

ARTICLE BY: Stefanie Singh

DIRECTOR: James Bobin

RELEASE: 10th October 2016 (Norway)

RATING: 6/10