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Magisk Opprydding

In recent years, topics such as minimalism and sustainability have enjoyed increasing popularity, along with the topic of decluttering. The book «Jinsei ga tokimeku katazuke no mahō» [English title: «The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art Of Decluttering And Organizing»] by Japanese Marie Kondo was published at exactly the right time, selling over 4 million copies worldwide since its publication in 2011. Since 2016, the bestseller is also available in Norwegian, entitled «Magisk Opprydding».

The main focus in Marie Kondo’s pink «decluttering bible» is on the so-called «KonMari» method, developed by and named after the author. With this method, the reader has to tidy only one more time in his / her life – and never again afterwards. A great promise in the course of an even greater hype, but the book can live up to the expectations for the most part. Even if you already know and mastered all tips and tricks regarding decluttering, you can still learn something new here. For instance, when dealing with mementoes such as photographs, one should first and foremost «cherish who you are now». True words, but one should definitely think twice whether to discard photos as radical as replaceable commodities or not.

I cannot say (yet) whether it’s necessary to tidy more than once after reading this book or not, but it gets you going already while reading it, thanks to Marie Kondo’s motivating and personal writing style. While she has found her mission in life as an organising consultant in Japan’s capital Tokyo, the reader is supposed to indulge his / her passion once the house has been put in order. Not least due to this approach, «Magisk Opprydding» suits perfectly as a Christmas gift, instead of something randomly chosen that may clutter up the receiver’s home again.

TEXT: Stefanie Singh

AUTHOR: Marie Kondo

PUBLISHER: Bazar Forlag

TRANSLATION: Sigrid Hesjevoll

RATING: 9/10